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    Historically speaking, all true change in the world has come thanks to leaders emerging, them taking charge and giving the masses someone to rally around. Can an intentionally "leaderless" movement survive or will it just slowly fade away?

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    You want change, then get involved. Vote, run for office, go to shareholder meetings and contact advertisers or investors. Sitting around banging drums, singing kumbaya, smoking weed and having a camp out under the stars is not going to get you the change you want.

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Microsoft Pivot

Posted by Alan on February 16, 2010

Have you seen Microsoft Pivot yet?   No I don’t mean Power Pivot, but just Microsoft Pivot (hint to Microsoft — coordinate your teams on their product naming conventions).   It is a technology demonstration project being done by Microsoft Live Labs who are the folks behind the  Seadragon and Photosynth products/technologies.

In a nutshell it is a very user-friendly interface for drilling across and down into data that also adds a great graphical component to your data mining.  While you can tell it is not a final product and there are some changes I would suggest be made to the interface, it does have me excited.  The potential here of this product/technology is huge! 

I really hope this technology gets worked into the Microsoft B.I. stack somehow.  I would kill for the ability to link this type of interface into a PerformancePoint Services scorecard.

You can check it out here.   The download is only about 25 MB and the install is pretty quick, hands-on really gives you a better sense of the product than the video does.


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