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Planning Update from the Dynamics Group

Posted by Alan on January 28, 2009

So this afternoon we had a phone call with folk representing the Dynamics group.  We were asked to treat the call as if we were under a formal NDA and I will honor that, so I am self censoring what specific details I am going to discuss.   However, I am going to list information that I feel would not violate the spirit of the agreement.  None of this is really new but I do hope to add a little more detail.   Please keep in mind that Microsoft can always change their mind on this type of stuff.

The good thing about the call was that it was attended by some long time Dynamics team members including some I have known for well over a decade.   While I have not always agreed with all of their decisions in the past, I do trust that the people making them take a “business applications” view of things.  And when making decisions they try, although not always successfully, to balance the needs of Microsoft with those of both the client and the partner channel.

So here we go:

  • They don’t have any new answers yet.  Although I don’t know exactly when they got the news on PPS Planning, I get the distinct impression they didn’t get much more warning than we did.  This last part is pure conjecture on my part.

  • They are evaluating all their options at this time which includes, but is not limited to, Forecaster and Enterprise Reporting.  They hope to have a road map or at least partial road map as to where they are going and what they are doing by Convergence.  For those of you who are not Dynamics partners, Convergence is the annual Microsoft Dynamics customer conference.  It is held in March every year.  I am not sure of the actual date this year.  However that is only 4 or 5  weeks away and they will admit it is a tall task to figure it all out by then.

  • Enterprise Reporting is back on the price list and available for sale as of February 1st and they will be putting resources in place for handle technical support.  Enterprise Reporting is available without the need to purchase a Dynamics ERP license.

  • Management Reporter is a go-forward product and is being kept alive.

That is about it.  The call was less than I had hoped but pretty much exactly what I expected given the situation.  So at this point, as far as any more information from the Dynamics team goes, all we can really do is wait.


4 Responses to “Planning Update from the Dynamics Group”

  1. Tim K said

    “Please keep in mind that Microsoft can always change their mind on this type of stuff”

    Microsoft? Change their minds? Surely not 😉

  2. Why said

    Planning was a great module and was the real killer app in PPS. I can’t believe it. Microsoft marketing won in being able to turn bad news (cannibalization of PPS) into good news (merge with Sharepoint). Product strategy made a serious blunder. For your info, Planning had better potential than the old school planning apps today (Hyperion) which is just lipstick on a pig. Now MSFT won’t have a place in the CFO office. Tragedy.

  3. Matt said

    Let’s just hope that whatever the direction for Planning ends up being, it isn’t managed by the Management Reporter team which has no clue when it comes to budgeting/planning.

  4. Alan said


    I would love some more insight from you on your comment. I think Management Reporter has the makings of a great financial reporting tool. Then again I am biased as it is based on the functionality of FRx which I have used for a long time and I think is excellent at producing financial statements for accounting/finance folk.


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