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Posted by Alan on April 14, 2008

I did an interview the other day with David Gumpert of about PerformancePoint Server.   You can read the article here.   You have to create a free account to read the whole article.

I disagree with the comment that Mark Polino of I.B.I.S. said about the price making it for the upper market.   I truly believe that if you look at all you are getting for the single price (Monitoring, Analytics and Modeling) of $20k (U.S.) for the server and $200/user ($U.S.) then you are getting tremendous value for your money. 


3 Responses to “ Interview and Article”

  1. Hey Alan,

    Always nice to see someone who disagrees with me. What we are hearing from customers is that at the low end of the GP world, it’s too expensive. Also for folks who only want the Management Reporter piece (ultimate FRx replacement), it’s too expensive. The GP folks confirmed at Convergence that they would offer a lower cost Management Reporter only SKU at some point this year.

    However, for customers who already use the default GP cubes or have exposure to Proclarity, the pricing is fine. But, those users also trend toward the higher end of GP installs in my experience. It also appears that we get more interest in PPS from companies who have been on GP for a little while. They’ve digested the app and are ready for the next level.

    The cost issue is less about value at this point than about total cost. 20k+ for analytics when there’s only 3 or 5 people in the accounting is tough for some firms to swallow. That was my only point.

    Keep up the nice work.


  2. Alan said


    I think if you are targeting just the accounting department for analytics then I can understand their hesitation at the price tag for PPS.

    However, if you get the client/prospect looking at the whole enterprise and all three aspects of PPS — monitoring, analytics and planning/modeling, then your value proposition goes way up. Once they buy into the vision of the value that all three components working together can provide, then the price tag of the server and only $200 per user becomes a no brainer.

    Remember being an early adopter (as either a user or an implementer) always has its highs and lows. Good luck with it.


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