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Microsoft Built PPS Integration with Dynamics

Posted by Alan on April 9, 2008

Thought I would post my thoughts on the integration that Microsoft has developed for Dynamics AX and will also be rolled out for the other products over time.   To be fair, I have not had hand’s on with the connector, just had some people from Microsoft walk me through how it works in a demo.

In a nutshell… 

It is good for what it does and for what it was designed to do.   From that point of view it is a solid, albeit basic, tool.  However, if you are expecting to be blown away by the functionality, be prepared for dissapointment.

The Pro’s: 

  • Built (and therefore maintained) by Microsoft
  • Simple to use

The Con’s:

  • GL Data Only (no inventory items, sales people, sales territories, customers, etc.)
  • No automatic scheduling of data integration updates (although this might be accomplished through the use of command line scripting)

Can I see us using it for our clients when it becomes available for Dynamics GP?  Maybe, but I doubt it.   One of the great things about PPS is that you can get away from being forced to budget at a GL account level and this forces you back into that mode.  Also, the lack of scheduling is an issue.  Finally, what has gotten the clients and prospects we are working with really excited about PPS is the potential for doing things like product sales modeling or salesperson forecasting and to that end the tool provides no help.

Unfortunately for this first release I have to rate it a “close but no cigar”.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Built PPS Integration with Dynamics”

  1. Hi Alan,
    You mention a connector for Dynamix GP is iminent. I’ve heard this too but not the expected RTM date. Do you have any ideas?

  2. Alan said

    Hi Sacha,

    The connector is slated to come out with the GP 10 Features Pack (I think that is the name I may have it wrong though). While at Convergence, I was hearing May/June timeframe from different sources. However, no one was willing to narrrow it down more than that or even give me odds on if they make that timeframe.

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